What Parents Say

“The teachers and administration at Discovery are deeply skilled, endlessly patient and instinctively caring. They give each student their full attention; they know kids' strengths, and teach to them. Our son is well on his way to a post-secondary education thanks to the careful and focused preparation they have offered him over the past few years. We feel very lucky to have discovered Discovery!” ~ Rita

“Discovery school has made such a difference in our son’s life. He was lost in the public education system, failing and lacking confidence. Discovery provides an enriched environment to enable all students to reach their full potential. The staff are dedicated to understanding children who learn differently, giving them the tools to thrive and succeed. We are so grateful for this very special school, and of course the administration staff are amazing too!” ~ Claire

"My son first enrolled at Discovery School in Grade 10. My only regret is that he did not enroll at a younger age. All of the staff, including the principal, teachers, guidance counselors, and others are not only excellent at their job, but also good, compassionate, caring people. Going above and beyond, staff provides students with an academically challenging and spiritually enriching environment all within a warm, supportive community. Classes are small and personal. As a result, teachers get to know and understand each student and are able to tailor their efforts to individual student needs, all of which greatly benefits student learning. My son has flourished at Discovery, both socially and academically. For this, I am truly grateful." ~Ken

"As a parent of a child who is designated in the school system as special needs and requires a lot of special/extra attention in the classroom on a regular basis, I am really grateful to all the teachers who have spent that extra time with her to help her get to where she is now... She’ll be graduating next year!! Without you I don't know where we'd be. Thank you for all you do on a daily basis.

Discovery school is the most amazing school; I wish every child had the opportunity to attend Discovery. My daughter has just started her 7th year at Discovery and it has been the best decision we have ever made." ~ Sandi

“Discovery School has been life changing for my son, and for us as a family. His unique learning style, personality, and cognitive challenges were resulting in isolation, a negative self-concept, and hours of homework every night at his public school. I worried that he was going to continue to fall behind in his learning, as well as suffer debilitating depression resulting from bullying and being labeled by teachers and other students as “slow”. After one year at Discovery, my son is excelling in his school work and his life. The change in confidence, experience of success, and his vision for himself in the future is remarkable. Thank you to everyone at Discovery for creating an amazing learning environment and a safe and warm community for our children to thrive in.” ~ With Gratitude, Victoria

“The Teaching Staff are experienced and supportive of each other and the children. Discovery children pull together as a team helping and encouraging each other and they also learn tolerance and are kind to those still finding their way when they are new. Favourite activities arranged by the school include Camp Thunderbird, Pancake Breakfast, swimming, cross-country running, skating, pumpkin picking, gymnastics and field trips. The end of year Awards Ceremonies are eagerly anticipated with the year books and slide presentations and, of course, the prizes for achievement.”~ Mia

“This school is undoubtedly a very happy place to be. Mikey is proud to be there, and we are very relieved to have found the best place for him. Mikey has developed into a confident 12 yr old in the 3 years he has been at Discovery School. The small classes of 10 have provided less distraction and more time to focus on the task at hand. The ADDITIONAL Learning Support Staff guide those who need extra help in the classroom discussions and projects. They are the icing on the cake when it comes to a perfect learning situation for those that require it. He has made unbelievable progress with the Individual Education Program (IEP) that has been adapted to suit his needs. He enjoys doing his homework… its true!”~Brian

“Erich started Kindergarten as a bright and happy 5 year old. As the year progressed he became more and more withdrawn. He didn’t want to go to school, he constantly feigned illness and was rapidly losing his self-esteem. It was very distressing to watch him become a Kindergarten dropout. We had Erich tested and he was diagnosed with a learning disability in Grade One.

We managed to get Erich accepted into Discovery School for his second grade of school. The transformation was astonishing to see. He started to read with some confidence but, more importantly, he regained his self-confidence which gave him the ability to try new things and to ask questions. He soon became a happy, well-adjusted child who loves to go to school. I am thankful every day that we found Discovery School.” ~ Sherry H.

“Our son is just finishing his first year at Discovery School. It was a big decision for us to move our son from the public system to Discovery School, but watching our son gain confidence and build his self esteem has made it all worth while. The small class size and the commitment of his teacher and other staff at Discovery School has made a big difference in how our son learns. He is now excited to go to school each day and enjoys learning. He has made some great friends, too, which was something we were concerned about as our son had to leave behind friends he had been in school with since kindergarten. He has had a very successful first year and we are very pleased with his progress. This is a school that truly understands what it means to have a learning disability and they know how to teach to that disability. Our only regret is that we didn't do this sooner.” ~ Doug and Linda

“I watched [my son] struggle right from grade one. All the teachers said he was a great kid, helpful, kind, and put in a lot of effort. But he still wasn’t catching on to reading and writing. By grade three or four, he would cry in the mornings because he didn’t want to go to school. It was too hard. Once he got into Discovery School … everything changed. He walked into a class of regular kids, two of whom he knew from playing lacrosse. He has not cried or been frustrated or overwhelmed with school since his first day at Discovery. He spent grades 6 and 7 there, then moved on to Oak Bay High. [He] has been on the Honour Roll with almost all As and Bs for the last 3 1/2 years.” ~ Mrs. C.