How We Help

Parents How We Help

Our teachers, principal and staff all have many years of experience with learning disabilities. We have a wealth of strategies, approaches and suggestions to help you and your child.

We can teach your child specific approaches to schoolwork that will help them ‘learn how to learn’, and provide specific adaptations that will help them succeed. At the same time, we will help your child discover their unique strengths, and learn to work and get along with others. Please think of us as a resource.

Some parents ask us “Can you cure my child’s learning disability?” The short answer is ‘no’. We cannot cure learning disabilities. What we can do, though, is to help your child do their best, appreciate their strengths, and understand their own specific abilities and learning needs so they can succeed.

Some of our students stay at Discovery until they graduate, some stay only for a short time before they re-integrate into the public or independent school systems. We work to ensure that each student leaves with new skills, new confidence, and new abilities, so their next experience at school is a successful one.