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    • More Information - Please check here for important notices about Discovery School. Notices will be updated regularily so please check back.

    • More Information - Please consider making a donation to Discovery School. Your gift will not only help individual students make the most of their abilities, but will help build stronger families
    • More Information - The events calendar for Discovery School.

    • More Information - Learning Disabilities are not intelligence problems – often people with learning disabilities have an IQ within the normal range, and sometimes they may be intellectually gifted.
    • More Information - Our teachers, principal and staff all have many years of experience with learning disabilities and have a wealth of strategies, approaches and suggestions.
    • More Information - Parents are an integral part of the Discovery School team. Your child will learn to cope with his or her learning disability to achieve greater academic success.

    • More Information - We expect parents to work with Discovery’s staff and principal to help their child learn. That means respecting school policies about dress, homework, absences and tardiness.
    • More Information - Discovery School is different than other schools because it creates a learning environment that’s all about you!

    • More Information - We expect students to obey all school rules. They have been established for the help and protection of the children in our care.
    • More Information - We expect everyone at Discovery School to treat others with respect, kindness and courtesy. We also expect you to co-operate with all the teachers.

    • More Information - They are parents and partners, workers and scholars – and they use the skills they learned here at Discovery in their work and at home.
    • More Information - Discovery School’s teachers, student educational assistants, therapists, contracted psychologist, and secretaries are caring, dedicated people ...
    • More Information - Discovery School chooses not only the most dedicated, experienced teachers, but also those that are kindest, warmest and most caring.

    • More Information - People with a learning disability, or people who fund someone with a learning disability may be able to claim a tax credit for their special needs.
    • More Information - Admission of any student to Discovery’s Moderate Intervention Program is subject to all the policies and procedures that apply to all admissions.
    • More Information - Tuition fees are the portion of educational costs not covered by the provincial government. Learn more about the funding and fee structure.
    • More Information - Discovery School is a provincially designated special education school for students with learning disabilities.
    • More Information - If you have a child who has been diagnosed with a learning disability, the first step in Discovery School's application process is to telephone us.
    • More Information - A Discovery School & Neal Estate Team Community Initiative
    • More Information - Please check here for important notices about Discovery School. Notices will be updated regularily so please check back.

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Div 1 - 2 (up to Grade 6) 9:00 am start


Div 3 - 4 (Grade 7 & 8) 9:00 am start


Div 5 – 8 (Grade 9 - 12) 8:30 am start


8:30 am AM classes begin for students in Graduation Program (Grade 9 – 12)

9:00 am AM classes begin for all other students (up to Grade 8)

10:45 am Mid-morning 15 minute recess break

12:05 am Lunch / Activity break

12:50 pm PM classes begin

2:05 pm Wednesday dismissal

3:02 pm Dismissal time for those not participating in Prep

Discovery School

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