Vision and Mission

We envision

  1. A school where students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 who have learning disabilities receive individualized instruction tailored to their specific needs, in a collegial and supportive environment;
  2. A family-based school community where parents, teachers and students work together in the best interests of the children;
  3. An enrollment of 60 students in primary through junior secondary levels and 40 students in senior secondary;
  4. Classes of 6 – 8 students, to maximize individual attention;
  5. A bursary and endowment fund to aid families with financial constraints;
  6. A school with a reputation as ‘the place to go’ for superlative education for students with learning disabilities;
  7. Sharing our expertise with other schools and teachers

Our Mission

Discovery School is an independent school that specializes in meeting the needs of children with learning disabilities. Students have individualized education programs that balance challenge with success, build self-confidence and self-esteem. Student progress is closely monitored and teaching staff communicate regularly and openly with parents. A non-denominational school with Christian values and virtues, Discovery School strives to develop the child as a whole being. Specialized learning strategies combined with small class size suit young learners discouraged by the demands of the regular classroom.

School Values

The Discovery School community underwent a process to develop an acronym that embodies our school values and endorses our code of conduct. The staff all had an opportunity to determine what they believed to be key components to building a safe, caring school culture through discussions.

R.I.S.E. communicates positive expectations for behaviour and social conduct consistent with curriculum competencies. During the year R.I.S.E. is highlighted in the student logbooks, classroom, assemblies, and hallways.

For each aspect of RISE there is a four point scale to help individuals understand what kinds of behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable, level one and two being unacceptable, and level three and four being acceptable. This scale applies to every member of the Discovery School community including teachers, staff, parents, and students.

Results were compiled and a team of staff members developed the R.I.S.E. acronym: