Can I get a tax credit for enrollment at Discovery School?
Yes. Here’s more information about Tax Credits.

How old are students at Discovery School?
We have classes for elementary, middle school and high school students up to Grade 12.

What students can benefit from Discovery School’s Program?
We are mandated to accept students whose main difficulty is a specific learning disability. We are not equipped to work with children who have severe intellectual, psychological, physical or behavioural difficulties. You can find out more about learning disabilities here. Please also see our Admissions page.

How long do students stay at Discovery School?
Students come to Discovery School at different ages. Our goal used to be to prepare them either for a successful return to regular school classrooms as quickly as possible, or for successful post-secondary education. Because each student’s needs are different, however, time spent at Discovery School varies. A student with multiple areas of weakness will usually require at least a four-year program.

The majority of students now take advantage of our more recent ability to provide a complete graduation program. This allows students to finish their education with their friends and with the same level of support and success they have been receiving at Discovery School.

What academic subjects are available?
We teach a full range of subjects based on the BC curricular competencies. Subjects at the elementary and middle school levels include; English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, Career Education, Fine Arts and Applied Design, Skills and Technologies. We currently offer 98 courses in our Graduation Program. Students in Grade 10-12 are offered all of the Core Academic courses required for graduation and have a large variety of elective options to choose from.

Do students have to repeat grades if they attend Discovery School?
Generally this is not the case. However, if a child is to repeat a grade it is a decision made between parents and teachers. Many factors are taken into account when making this decision, including the student’s abilities, maturity level, academic pacing, and graduation goals.

Does every student have to be tested before they attend Discovery School?
Yes. These tests enable us to identify specific learning dysfunctions and design individual programs for each student. If a parent is on a wait list for testing we may arrange diagnostic testing to confirm that the child truly will benefit from our program and qualify to attend our school. If parents need names of psychologists we have a list of ones we recommend.

What types of tests do you use?
We have several Learning Assistance Teachers who are qualified to administer standardized diagnostic and academic measures. They test every incoming student (and again after one or two years) in all areas of reading and math at no extra cost to parents. All students receive a vision efficiency test to ensure tracking difficulties aren’t interfering with their reading. Our occupational therapist and speech-language therapist also administer tests to students on their roster. The teachers provide ongoing comprehensive assessment of student progress.  

Is the Discovery School program effective?
Yes. Families report significant positive changes to their family life, students report understanding and completing concepts they have never been able to understand before, and our alumni are successful in school and work. We’re proud that our students are not following the statistics reported for LD kids, but doing considerably better – with a graduation rate of over 97%.