“We make a difference; we see differences in students within the year. We strive for and achieve individual growth. Discovery creates an environment that provides a safe haven to learn and socialize.” ~ Denise W.

“Discovery School is a place where there is such a unique rapport between staff and students. This rapport creates such an incredible sense of community. As a teacher, this makes for a much richer teaching experience and relationship with students. It really does feel like a home, and the students at Discovery are a reflection of this.” ~ Nathan A.

“Teaching at Discovery School means I can make a real difference in the lives of students and their families. I am proud to teach at Discovery School. It is wonderful to watch the growth of students as they move through the school. Finally I can teach to individual needs and immediately address concerns as they arise. I love having the opportunity to have students in my class for more than just one year. It is great to work within such a supportive and caring environment.” ~ Martha P.

“Discovery School is the sort of school that nourishes a teacher’s soul because it allows him or her the kind of significant involvement in a student’s life that can really make a difference. It is energizing for a teacher to watch a student make the kind of gains, small and big, that are possible in a setting like Discovery School.” ~ Anita A.

“I love the challenge of figuring out how each student learns best and then helping them, “Be the best that they can be!” ~ Marcia W.