What Students Say

“I got into UVIC! This would not have been possible without Discovery. Prior to going to Discovery I did not have the confidence to even think about Camosun, let alone UVIC. Discovery changed all of that for me; it gave me the tools that I needed to succeed and think about my career and post-secondary goals. Discovery, thank you for all of your support! ” ~ Emily

“My friends and teachers have helped me. I feel I can talk to my friends when I am worried or upset. When there’s a problem I can tell the teachers. Also, when there’s a problem I can tell the teachers the problem without the students getting mad at me.” ~ Cameron

“When I came to this school, the teachers actually took the time to help me. Now I feel more confident in math. I love to go to school now. The teachers make learning more fun. My confidence has also helped me feel like ‘I can do it’. That’s why I feel like a hero at Discovery School.” ~ Heather

“I love it here because it is so fun. It is not like other schools. Other schools just tell you how to do something. Discovery School shows you, and improves your weak spots.” ~ Macie

“I have really come a long way since I started here. I learned a lot of new math. Now it has become one of the easier subjects. I think I have really improved in all my subjects.” ~ Ryan

“This school is safe so that I as a student feel good inside. My confidence is improving because I’m getting more help in certain areas like spelling. The teachers give me tools to use in the future like having a positive attitude and doing the best you can. All teachers are nice so you feel good about being taught. At the end of the day I feel proud to go on to the next level.” ~ Brandon