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Giving to Discovery

Discovery School receives only 50% of our operating funds from the Ministry of Education. The remainder must be raised through tuition fees, school-based fundraising and donations to The Discovery School Society, the non-profit foundation that supports the work of Discovery School.

Our vision for Discovery School

Discovery School is now taking a big step forward!

We have purchased a new building to help us with our vision is of a larger, more well equipped school that will be a resource for children, parents and teachers in Victoria and across Vancouver Island. We want to say, “Yes” to every qualified child who applies to our school.

Please consider making a donation to Discovery School. We need to raise $1M in order to finance the mortgage of our new facility. Your gift will not only help individual students make the most of their abilities, but will help build stronger families, a more capable and adaptable workforce, and a more caring community. Call (250) 595-7765 and ask about giving options, or donate securely online at

Current fundraising projects.

Capital Campaign: Paying Down the Mortgage of our New School Building

We have recently found a new home for Discovery School, one that is larger and better equipped. Our Capital Campaign is gathering donations that will be used to make this substantial investment in education for children with learning disabilities.
We need to raise $1,000,000 over a period of 5 years.

Bursary and Endowment Fund: Supporting Parents and Children

We know it can be difficult to afford school fees. We have established this bursary fund to provide financial support for students and their parents.
We need to raise $15,000 to establish this fund.

Technology Replacement Fund: Keeping up with change

If you’ve ever had to upgrade your computer, you know how expensive it can be. Students at Discovery School deserve to have up-to-date computers in the classroom, and our teachers rely on current generations of hardware to deliver specialty educational programming.
We need to raise $20,000 for this fund.

Teaching Equipment and Supplies: Meeting students’ needs

Our teachers do amazing things with the equipment we have, but specialized education often requires specialized equipment, and that can be very expensive. This fund helps ensure that students receive the instruction they deserve.

Thank you for helping Discovery School say, “Yes” to helping children’s dreams come true.

We want to say
"Yes" to every
qualified child
who applies
to our school.

Help us say YES!



Thank You!

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